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CFD & Forex Trading

The best from both services in one account

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With an IG account sponsored by ProRealTime, not only are you a direct client with IG, having the same spreads and conditions as a standard IG client, but you also benefit from the 3 exclusive advantages mentioned below.

  • Premium version at no extra cost with up to 4 times more historical data
  • Platform support directly from ProRealTime
  • Free programming help for your trading systems

The Premium version of ProRealTime

Up to 4 times more historical data

Get the Premium version at no extra cost and save 67 €* per month.

Benefits of the Premium version:

  • Up to 4 times more historical data
  • Display up to 100 charts simultaneously
  • Display up to 10 lists of instruments simultaneously
  • Premium market scans and automatic trading

The 8 advantages of the Premium version  >

* Price difference between cost of the Premium version and the Complete version on the ProRealTime website.

Platform support directly from ProRealTime


High quality customer service

  • Trading platform support: dedicated trading platform support directly from experienced ProRealTime support staff with extensive knowledge of the platform.
  • Trading support: Monday to Friday 24 hours/day, directly from the broker.
  • Personal account manager: contact your dedicated account manager on his direct line or email for better service. Individual platform training sessions available on request.

Free programming help for your trading systems

1. Create your trading systems

  • Follow our step by step guide to learn how to create trading systems.
  • Create your systems with or without programming.
  • Benefit from free programming help if you need assistance.

2. Test your trading systems

  • Use backtesting to simulate execution on past data.
  • Use PaperTrading mode to simulation execution in real-time, day after day.
  • Modify your systems to improve performance or use our optimization tool.

3. Run your trading systems

  • Server side execution for better execution, reliability and security.
  • Enter and exit the market automatically, even if your platform is turned off.
  • See detailed reports of your trading system's activity.

A wide range of CFDs to trade

Advantages of CFDs

  • Benefit from reduced margin requirements: Trade the main index CFDs starting at only £250 margin requirement and Forex starting at only £200 margin requirement.
    Low margin requirements let you trade with high equity without depositing the full amount.
  • Buy and Sell short: you can use both buying and short selling positions on most instruments. This lets you keep investing in any circumstances, even in a bearish market.

A wide range of CFDs

Trade CFDs on over 15,000 underlying instruments.


on indices

on equities

Energy and commodities


Interest rates and bonds

Trade on major and emerging markets

Trade on European, American, Asian, Australian, South American and many more markets.


An additional free PaperTrading platform

Get a second ProRealTime platform with a PaperTrading account for free

Once your IG account is funded, you can access a second ProRealTime platform in PaperTrading mode (or "Demo mode"). To access it, click on "My account" from the IG PureDeal interface, and then use the dropdown menu at the top right of the window to switch between your real trading and demo mode.

Why use a PaperTrading platform?

PaperTrading is not just a tool for beginners: it lets you have permanent access to an environment in which you can experiment without risking your capital.

While using your real account, you can also use PaperTrading as a laboratory for your trading:

  • Test a new trading strategy
  • Try trading a new market or instrument
  • Try an automatic trading system

Broker reliability

Segregated accounts & deposit guarantees

  • All retail and individual client funds are held in segregated client bank accounts.
  • All funds held on behalf of clients are distributed across a diverse range of banks.
  • Individual Investors may be compensated by the EDW (Entschädigungseinrichtung der Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen) if IG Europe is not able to fulfill its obligations in operating with clients (up to a maximum of 90% of the claim with a limit of 20 000 €).
  • Deposits of individual client funds with IG Europe are covered by the deposit guarantee system up to a maximum of 100.000 €.


  • IG only uses its own funds for hedging.
  • IG does not pass segregated client funds through to hedging counterparties.

Exposure to risk

  • IG is not an investment bank.
  • IG does not initiate speculative positions on the market.
  • IG has no exposure to corporate debt.


  • IG is regulated in Germany by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht and the Deutsche Bundesbank.
  • IG is owned by IG Group Holdings plc – a FTSE 250 company listed on the LSE.

Competitive spreads

IG accounts sponsored by ProRealTime benefit from the same competitive spreads and conditions as all other IG accounts.

  • Forex spreads starting at 0.6: trade 24h/day on the Forex with a variable spread which lets you trade with excellent conditions, starting at 0.6 points on EUR/USD.
  • CFD on indices spread starting at 1 point: trade the FTSE 100 and other European and American markets with spreads as low as 1 point.
  • Mini contracts: if you want to practice with reduced risks, mini contracts on Forex and indices are available starting at just £2 per point.
Pair Min spread Avg spread *
EUR/USD Spot 0.6 1.04
AUD/USD Spot 0.6 1.03
USD/JPY Spot 0.7 1.18
GBP/USD Spot 0.9 1.83
EUR/GBP Spot 0.9 1.89
EUR/JPY Spot 1.5 2.43
* Average spread per deal, January 2021.
CFD index Spread starting at
FTSE 100 Cash 1
Wall Street 2.4
Germany 40 1.2
Australia 200 1
US Tech 100 1
US 500 0.4
France 40 1
Spain 35 5
Country Fee per order
UK (FTSE 350) 0.10%*
US 2 cents per share*
Euro: Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain 0.10% *
* Minimum fee per order of 10£ (UK), 15$ (US), 10€ (Euro).
Instrument Spread starting at
Gold Spot 0.3 point
Silver Spot 2 points
US Light Crude Oil 2.8 points
Brent Crude Oil 2.8 points
Cocoa (London) 3 points
Chicago wheat 0.6 point

Prices of IG CFDs as of 08/02/2023 and subject to change

How to open an account sponsored by ProRealTime

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