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Automatic trading made easy with ProOrder

The ProOrder automatic trading module lets you automatically execute the buy and sell orders of your investment strategy.

Choose between the virtual mode (PaperTrading) to practice with simulated orders and the trading mode to execute real orders.

  • Easy to use. No programming required.
  • Simulate execution of your trading systems before using them.
  • Reliability and security. 100% server-side technology.
  • Use the detailed reports to improve your money management.
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Why will you like our Automatic Trading service?

Security and reliability with our 100% server-side technology

  • You don't need to leave your computer on: once your system has started, you can close the platform and turn off your computer because your system will continue to be executed on our dedicated servers.
  • More security: server-side execution protects you from failures which often occur on individual computers (ex: temporary loss of internet access, computer errors, power outages, etc.) and which could make you miss an entry opportunity or in a worse case take a heavy loss by missing an exit which was part of your system.
  • Faster and more reliable execution:
    • Our last generation servers offer greater calculation power than the majority of computers used by individuals, which lets you use more complex conditions, even on small timeframes.
    • The servers that interpret your code are directly connected to the servers that manage your orders. This allows more reliable order execution than if your orders were sent from your home via cable or fiber internet.
  • Support services for more serenity: Imagine that your system places an order that you don't understand. If you ask, we can analyze your code and give you answers.

Protection of your codes

  • Encryption of your codes: your codes are encrypted by encryption keys before being sent to the ProOrder server. They are not transmitted over the internet without encryption. In addition, to preserve the confidentiality of your codes, no ProRealTime employee knows all of the encryption codes.
  • Security audits: ProRealTime organizes voluntary security audits on a regular basis and applies recommended action plans to reinforce IT security.
  • ProRealTime internal rules: ProRealTime does not execute orders for itself via the ProRealTime platform or ProOrder technology. Also, our IT charter and our conflict of interest prevention policy require all employees to declare their operations on financial markets, including via ProRealTime and via ProOrder technology.

Example of an automated trading system

Example of an automated trading system

See how simple it is to use your automatic trading module by checking the manual that shows an example automatic trading system on the CAC40 index.

Create an automatic trading system in 7 steps

If you already have an idea of the strategy you want to use, you can go directly to step 4 where we explain how to create the code without programming.

Programming Help

Need help creating your automated trading system?

Automated Trading is available via

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