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Stocks - Futures - Forex Trading

The best from both services in one account

Interactive Brokers trading account
Elected best broker of 2023*
Trading through the ProRealTime platform
Elected best trading platform of 2023**
Real time tick by tick market data directly from the exchanges
Your own dedicated account manager
On signup, a dedicated contact person is assigned to you.
Administrative assistance by ProRealTime
Close positions by phone with no extra cost
Ultra-competitive prices - see fees

* Interactive Brokers elected "Best online broker" in 2023 by Barron's for the 13th consecutive year.
**ProRealTime elected "Best trading platform" by "rankia.com" in 2022 and by "brokervergleich.com" in 2023 for the 6th consecutive year.

Technology to improve your trading

Trading from charts

Place, manage and monitor your orders directly from charts for simple and intuitive control.

The ProRealTime order book is highly customizable and allows for 3 modes:

  • Vertical display
  • Horizontal display
  • Best bid/ask

Use orders that make a difference

Many order types are at your disposal, such as trailing stops, oblique orders, OCO (one cancels the other), triple orders (entry, target, stop)...

Protect your positions, even when you're away

Using targets and stops that are stored on servers instead of your computer, your positions will remain protected even if you turn off your trading platform or experience a computer issue.

Trading from alerts

Create alerts based on multiple conditions (ex: time, indicators, price...) and then transmit your orders automatically when your alert is triggered.

Fast order transmission

ProRealTime manages orders mainly server-side to ensure a fast execution and to reduce time to transmit information between your computer and our servers.

We also use private internet lines between ProRealTime, Interactive Brokers and the exchanges.

Smart routing

Most stocks can be traded on multiple exchanges. At a given time, the price for a stock will not necessarily be the same on all exchanges.

With smart routing, your orders are automatically sent to the exchange that offers the best price.

If the best bid/ask changes before your order is completely executed, it will be split and re-routed to another exchange if it offers a better price.

High Speed

Low latency market datafeeds

A high quality datafeed is essential for good decision making and fast order execution.

Therefore, ProRealTime has made major investments in datafeed infrastructures and provides you with a direct connectivity to the exchanges, with no intermediaries - Learn more

Multi-currency account

Your account can hold funds in several currencies simultaneously, allowing you to save money on conversion fees.

  • Choose the base currency of your account between: Euros, US dollars, Swiss francs or British pounds.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals on your account in any of these currencies.
  • Gains made in other currencies will remain in the currency they were made instead of being forced converted in the base currency of your account. This allows you to save money by regrouping conversions from different transactions.

A wide range of markets




Gold & Silver




A responsive and experienced support team

Trading platform support
Programming support
Personal account manager

Trading platform support

Programming support

Personal account manager

Benefit from dedicated trading platform support from representatives with extensive knowledge of the platform.

Benefit from assistance in programming your personal indicators, ProBacktests and market scans.

Contact your dedicated account manager on his direct line or email for better service. Individual platform training sessions available on request.

An additional free PaperTrading platform

Once your account is open, you can access a second ProRealTime platform in PaperTrading mode (virtual portfolio) which is synchronized with your real trading platform and shares all of your templates, indicators and analyses (drawn objects, lines...).

This lets you alternate at any time to go from real trading mode to simulated trading mode, without having to replicate your customizations.

For example, if you are not satisfied with the results of your trading day, you can use the PaperTrading mode in the following days to regain confidence without risking your capital ; but also experiment with new trading strategies or new financial instruments.

Secure trading

A world-renowned broker
  • Interactive Brokers has 46 years of experience
  • Award winning broker: Interactive Brokers has won many awards, including Barron's Best Online Broker in 2023 for the 13th consecutive year.

Barron's is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Co. Inc.

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities is a trademark of Technical Analysis, Inc.

Regulated in Europe
  • Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI).
Financial strength
  • Interactive Brokers Group (IBG LLC) exceeds $14 billion in equity capital and manages brokerage and market making businesses in separate companies.
  • Interactive Brokers held more than $448 billion of customer equity in 2024. Customer money is segregated in special bank accounts for the exclusive benefit of IB customers in different large banks.
Segregated accounts & deposit guarantees
  • All retail and individual funds are held in segregated client accounts.
  • Interactive Brokers Ireland is a member of the Irish Investor Compensation Scheme (ICS).

Ultra-competitive fees

starting at

0. 25 €

+ exchange fees
EU Stocks
starting at

1. 95 €

Price for a 4000 € order
after platform rebates
US Stocks
starting at

0. 95 $

Price for 100.000 $ order
of 195 stocks after platform rebates
starting at

2. 5 €

Price for a 50K lot
after platform rebates

Datafeed & historical data

To provide you with low latency market data, ProRealTime is directly connected to many of the largest exchanges (no intermediaries).

Our push datafeeds lets your receive all the ticks as soon as they appear in the market.

The platform has access to two separate datafeeds to ensure continuity of service.

A dedicated team of data engineers monitors the datafeeds using the latest technology.

The platform includes several years of intraday and daily historical data.

Our 23 years of experience in datafeed management and the reliability of our infrastructures has led major banks & brokerage firms to rely on our services.