2 step authentication for the account management interface

Access to your Interactive Brokers account management interface will soon require another identification method in addition to your password. This two factor identification can be done in 2 different ways:

  • via an SMS confirmation code
  • via the IBKR Mobile application

SMS Authentification

This additional security can be active by default or can be offered to you by Interactive Brokers when you connect to account management. In this case, after entering your login and password in the account management interface, you will get an SMS on the phone number associated with your account. This SMS will contain a security code that you will need to enter in the text field which will be displayed.

Using an SMS code as an additional measure of identification is usually only temporarily offered by Interactive Brokers. You will be asked in time to replace this with authentification via the IBKR Mobile app (see below).

IBKR Authentification

Install the application

Open the application Play Store if you use Android or the App Store if you use an Iphone and search for the application IBKR Mobile.
Warning : An application called IB Key will also be available. Make sure to select IBKR Mobile and not IB Key.
If your android phone uses a version lower than 5.0 or if your iPhone uses a version lower than IOS 11, please contact us.

Click the button "Install".

Enable two factor identification

If you don't get the SMS

  • Check that your network and Internet connection are stable.
  • Check that the phone number is correct.
  • Close the application and restart the process.
  • Try to reinstall the application and restart the process. Instructions to uninstall/reinstall the application are in the second Forgotten PIN Code below.

If you still don't receive an SMS after a new attempt and a 15 minute delay, CLICK HERE

Access account management

Activate IBKR Mobile authentification on several devices

The authentification module of the IBKR Mobile activation can only be enabled on one device per account login number.

If you have two logins for one account (for a joint account for example), you can activate authentification via IBKR Mobile on 2 smartphones with 2 diferent phone numbers (one for each login).

To enable this authentification on each of the 2 different devices, please check the section IBKR Authentification.

Problems logging into account management

Impossible to connect

If nothing happens when you enter your login and password, or you receive an error message "Invalid username and password" ou "Failed", please check that:

  • You are correctly using the uppercase and lowercase letters in your password
  • You are not inserting spaces before, in between or after the letters in your password
  • You are not entering the period that appears at the end of your temporary password

If you are certain that you have correctly entered your password, try these solutions:

  • Empty the cookies and/or navigation history of your web browser
  • Use the private browsing mode of your web browser
  • Change web browsers when you want to connect to the account management interface.

Password forgotten

Contact us by phone at +44 (0)20 3868 8510 to reinitialize it.

Account blocked

If you enter several times the wrong login or password and you obtain an error message indicating too many attempts, your account may be blocked.

If you see this error message, please contact us by phone at +44 (0)20 3868 8510 to unblock it. For any other error message, please refer to the previous sections.

Authentification problems

I don't receive the notifications

In general, this issue is due to the fact the notifications are disabled for IBKR Mobile app on your smartphone.

Please make sure that notifications are allowed for this application on your smartphone. Below are the steps to check this setting.

Attention : the interface shown in the images below may differ depending on the model of your smartphone.

Go to your smartphone settings, then to applications, and select the IBKR Mobile application.

Go to the notification settings.

Verify that you have enabled notifications for this application.

Please also carry out the following checks:

  • Make sure you have installed the IBKR Mobile application on your smartphone and enabled two factor authentification on it (see above).
  • Your smartphone must be connected to the Internet.
  • Please check that your smartphone is not in "airplane mode" and that the battery level is not too low or in "power saver mode".

If you still do not receive notifications, you can also log in manually (without a notification). To do so:

Forgot PIN code

If you have forgotten your PIN code:

Note that you must have access to the phone number initially used because in this case the SMS to activate the application can only be sent to this number. If you do not have access to this number anymore, contact us.

Change of mobile phone

The IBKR Mobile application can only be used on one device per login ID (see the section Activate IBKR Mobile authentification on several devices). If you lose or replace your smartphone, you can migrate the authentification module to your new smartphone.
To do this migration, you will need to have access to the phone number you used when you activated two factor identification.

Note: If you have changed your phone number and don't have access to the one you were using for two factor authentification, please contact us.

Once the application has been installed on your new device, follow these instructions: